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Group Benefits Planning


Optimax keeps it simple; we do the work for you and save your business time and money.

The purpose of your employee benefits plan is to ensure that you are protecting employees against debilitating life events, and to offer a valuable plan tha t takes advantage of tax efficient compensation. Using the right combination of coverage and services, you can reach the priority objective of attracting, retaining, and protecting quality employees.

We work with businesses to find the sweet spot that considers their industry, fiscal budget, employee types, organization size, employee preferences, coverage classes, convenience, marketplace competitiveness, and more.

After taking our clients through a tried and true process to create a custom employee benefit strategy, we administer the plan, and communicate with employees so that the full value is understood, and employees are aware of the protection they have through their employer.


1. Benefit Strategy Development

  • Review your employee demographic analysis and uncover industry trends
  • Audit your present plan and compare it to employers in your industry
  • Custom design a plan to achieve your short term and long term benefits goals

2. Marketplace Scan

  • Research the benefits company marketplace
  • Obtain quotes from carriers and negotiate plan rates
  • Recommend an insurance provider and benefits options

3. Group Benefits Administration

  • Install group plan and enroll employees
  • Education on benefits programs to employees
  • Ongoing claims and cost containment


Is your benefits package working for you?

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