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Reasons To Provide Benefits

Reasons To Provide Health Benefits

While some companies consider group health benefits as an expense, smart companies know it’s an essential investment!

While providing employee benefits may cost a bit more initially, long-term advantages largely outweigh those costs and add to the overall success of your company. Your business will also be in a better position to acquire true professionals who are in it for the long haul.

Below are some of the many significant reasons to consider when deciding if providing employee health benefits will also benefit your business:

External reasons for a group benefits plan

  • Growing concern for comprehensive health coverage
  • Government cutbacks
  • Competitors providing group plans while others lose their competitive edge

Internal reasons for a group benefits plan

For Employers – quality work and productivity!

  • Attract high quality employees
  • Retain excellent employees
  • Keep employees happy and productive

For Employees – peace of mind!

  • Protect employees’ families from financial hardship in case of death
  • Enable employees to meet financial needs when injured for prolonged periods
  • Provide employees and their families with coverage when outside Canada
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