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The Optimax Benefits Community

Optimax Benefits was born on the sentiment of care.

We’re invested in helping our community thrive. It’s a commitment that is rooted deep in our values and has been an integral aspect of how Optimax was founded, and how it has grown. Growing up in a small community, our founder learned early the strength of compassion and support from neighbours.

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Our Impact Through the Optimax Open

As our business has grown, so has our ability to make an impact in our community. Each year, Optimax Benefits identifies a cause that requires support and organizes a charitable golf tournament that brings together the business community to make an impact.



Optimax Benefit’s Recovery through Rec Program

Substance abuse and addiction is a mental illness. Today, 1 in 10 working Canadians struggle to recover, and are further debilitated by the stigma around substance abuse. Working to change that, Optimax has partnered with Our House Addictions and Recovery Centre to subsidize the cost of recreational therapy. Our commitment of $5000 per year will go towards improving the health, wellness, and outcome for Albertans facing addiction.


Our every-day community

When Optimax supports an organization, our involvement rarely stops at raising funds. We are dedicated to being strong advocates for community initiatives, even those we are not directly involved with. Through event attendance, sponsorship, volunteerism, and championing for local causes, we aspire to leave a lasting impact in the community where we do businesses.

– President and Founder, Earl Shindruk is one of the founding members of 100 Men YEG, and is a bronze sponsor of quarterly events. He has been a member since October 2014 and has helped more than 40 charities benefit from $225K of group support.

– With a reach of over 3,500 followers on @optimaxbenefits twitter, we promote community initiatives, events, and causes






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