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The Optimax Benefits Community

Optimax Benefits was born on the sentiment of care.

The sentiment of care mixed with a passion for local business meant an opportunity to help fellow business owners care for their employees in a meaningful way. That care doesn’t stop there. At Optimax Benefits we believe that care means fluid improvement of all employees in Alberta.

Impact Optimax Has Had:


Optimax Benefit’s Recovery through Rec Program

1 in 10 working Canadians face substance dependency. Through a partnership with Our House Addicitons and Recovery Centre, Optimax Benefits is working to further the health, wellness and recovery of clients through the power of recreation.

Addiction as a mental illness continues to faces continued stigma in Canadian society which further debilitates changes for recovery. Optimax is working to change that.

Through a $5,000 commitment per year, Optimax Benefits will subsidize the costs of recreation therapy with the hopes of improving outcomes for Albertans facing addiction.


Investing in our Network The Optimax Open

Each year through our community engagement efforts, Optimax Benefits identifies areas requiring philanthropic support. With a desire to make a meaningful difference both in funding and engagement Optimax Benefits launched the Optimax Open in 2011.

As a charitable golf tournament, the Optimax Open brings together Edmonton’s business community with the intention of contributing to a local need. The area of support adapts and changes each with community priorities.


Our every-day community

The Optimax philosophy on community means everyday contribution. Through event attendance, silent auction donations, and volunteerism, we believe active participation requires consistency. Through this philosophy we aspire to leave a lasting impact through steady involvement.